Ljubovija is a municipality in western Serbia and has area of ​​356 km2. Residents call this area Azbukovica, and myself to the people of Azbukovica. According to In the 2002 census, the municipality of Ljubovija has about 17,232 inhabitants, and in 1961 it had 25,000 inhabitants. A significant part moved to Macva, but also in Srem, the area of ​​Valjevo, Novi Sad, Belgrade and other cities. Biggest place is Ljubovija, with about 5,000 inhabitants, exists another 27 mostly smaller villages of which they are the largest Crnča and Vrhpolje.

Ljubovija was named after the fugitive Ljubović, who is at a time of social and economic growth, built a tower above the Drabić field. The area in which Love spreads was inhabited in prehistoric and ancient times, which numerous archaeological finds testify.