Fishing Association OOSR "Drina" founded is 1951. As part of fishing There are three sections of the association: seniors, juniors and pioneers. Given the water wealth, Azbukovica is a suitable habitat for development river and stream fauna.

In the Drina, which flows through Azbukovica in the length of 38 km, is a larger ichthyofauna: pike, barbel, young, catfish, and are encountered in greater numbers skobalj, bodorka and nosara.

In smaller rivers such as Ljubovidja, Orovicka river, Postenjska, Uzovnicka, Gračanica and Velika reka are the most represented perch and brown trout.

Society members are engaged in restocking rivers and the preservation of the existing fish stock, as to prevent illegal fishing. There is also great interest from anglers parties coming to this area.