Hunting association "Mileta Polić - Bata" was founded in 1900, it is very good organized and has 302 members, but the number of hunting enthusiasts is constantly increasing. The hunting association manages the hunting ground "Bukovica", which covers 35,624 ha. This hunting ground was formed in 2006 and is under the jurisdiction of the Hunting Association until 2017.

The most common is venison, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant, partridge and the partridge. From transient species of game (which do not reside in our area) appear: bear, wolf and jackal.

Depending on the order of the relevant ministry it is allowed to hunt certain species of game in different seasons. In the annual plan and program of hunting ground management plans a certain number of game is of stronger trophy value for tourist purposes. This association owns a beautiful hunting lodge, as well as a clay pigeon shooting range.

Members of the association have excellent cooperation with the Kennel Club, which organizes several dog shows a year as part of its regular activities. Contact telephones: 015 / 663-303, 062 / 88-71-957.