Trešnjice Canyon

Trešnjice Canyon is a natural asset of of exceptional importance, which has been placed under protection, in order to preserve the habitat of the natural population rarity of griffon vulture. It is one of the most beautiful canyon and is a habitat for 17 pairs of eagles griffon vulture, which is still the only one inhabited in Uvca canyon. The largest bird of prey is in this end and feeds exclusively on leftovers dead animals, so it because of the exceptional sanitation we call the roles “Emperor of Heights and Cleaner of nature ".

Griffon vulture is an endangered species that is threatened extermination and environmentalists are doing everything to save them from disappearances. The female lays only during the year one egg and for that reason they are extremely difficult protect and preserve from extinction. Specifically for the canyon of Trešnjica is that it comes out every spring from the Drina to the natural spawning of young fish, "the queen Drine ".