Monastery "Sv.Nikolaj Srpski", Soko grad

The monastery "St. Nikolaj Srpski" is located in at the foot of Sokolska planina, below the highest peak Rožnja is 15 kilometers away from Ljubovija. It represents the natural boundary between Azbukovica and Rajevina. In the Serbian tradition the people have a special meaning, above all remained is a symbol of invincibility and one of the last strongholds of the Turkish authorities in Serbia.

All the time the fortress was, next to this building his suburbs spread protected by a palisade, and later by a wall, a fortification. The monastery is the endowment of the Bishop of Sabac Mr. Lawrence. It is dedicated to St. bishops Nikolaj Velimirović, who is celebrated on May 3. The church, in the altar of which is kept a part of the relics of St. Bishop Nikolaj, was built in 1994 and belongs to the Moravian style. Wood carved the iconostasis was made in the Baroque style and gilded is 24 - carat gold, while the icons are in she painted the Byzantine style in the monastery as well donated by sister Krstana Tasić, famous icon painter. In the circle of the monastery complex there is a museum, a boarding house and a larger accommodation facility "Dom Nikolaja Velimirovića", which is available accommodation capacity that can accommodate 200 guests.

Since 2001, the action has come to life in the monastery called "Moba", which brings together Serbian youth from the diaspora. Over time, our children in foreigners lose their national and religious identity, so is the main goal of this action learning their own language fathers and renewed ties with their homeland ancestors.