Monastery "Sv.Trojice", Bjele Vode

Monastery of St. Trojice is located in the hamlet of Bjele Vode, on the slopes of the hill Nemić, near Ljubovija, at about 400 m above the river Drina. This is new monastery, when with the blessing of the bishop Mr. Lavrentije from Sabac was built by the founder Karadjordj Ristanovic, by the way, comes from this the end. The monastery was built on the family having around the graves of his parents Kosta and Božana Ristanović and little sisters Vida. The monastery came to life in 2005. year with the arrival of the hieromonk Seraphim for abbot of the monastery and have been held ever since regular worship. It has a cover with relics of St. Friday.

The monastery has an extremely beautiful location with beautiful view of the Drina and the Bosnian mountains, clean air and very high quality spring water, po which gave the village its name.