Small and Big City

In Gornja Trešnjica are the remains of a very old man fortifications, for which it is not known reliably from whom period. The small town has irregular bases adapted terrain with an oval-shaped dungeon tower. Its height in some places is up to 7 m.

On the northern elevation, very steep and with all sides inaccessible, but with good overlooking the valley of Trešnjica, the remains rise Big city. The elongated base is 20 m in length and 8 m wide. On the north side finds is a tower of massive walls.

Both fortifications were built of broken and weak of pressed limestone with solid white mortar. Finds of pottery from the Small Town belong the Middle Ages. The remains of the city are about 6 km away from the river Drina and are located on the old road that went from lower Podrinje villages towards Valjevo.