Nameless Caves is on the right the valley side of the Vukova river. Its a cave entrance at about 40 m above the riverbed, it is elliptical and vertically placed, 1.5 m wide and 7 m high. The cave is 152 m long. It consists of the main and side channel. The main channel is across a few feet high section down extends into a hall long and wide a few meters. From this hall over something lower the section descends into another hall of the like dimension, which ends this channel. The first hall is 10 m high and 8 m long. On the at the end of the second hall there are numerous caves jewelry predominantly expressed in the form of pillars and cascading tubs filled with water.

Kacara Cave is a few hundred meters away upstream, but on the left side of the river. The entrance is on about 80 m above the river, 1.5 m wide and 1 m high. The cave is 73 m long. At fifteen meters the cave channel forks: from the section upwards to the right is a canal about 20 m long, and from section down to the right, the canal is 23 m long, and to the left 20 m. They are located at the bottom as well as at the end of the canal blocks of calcite druses.

Zvečaljka pećina is located in the village of Rujevac. The pit is in the shape of a vertical channel. Ellipse the opening is 25x45 cm in diameter and 35 m deep.